Thursday, July 19, 2007

words to hold onto

Sage & Honesty running across a mountain over Juneau, Alaska, May 2006.

Just when things are feeling a bit low (see below blog) and I begin to question how I've allowed my life to take shape, four little bits of heartwarming encouragement come my way - all in the same day. What are the chances? These are the words to tuck away for another time I'm struggling with confidence. I'm not one to report back other people's compliments - I find it egotistical - but the timing of these couldn't be better, so here they are.

1. A manager from another department said, as I sat down to a meeting, "we all think you should be in charge of your department because you get things done so quickly."

2. Moments later, another co-worker said on the phone from our Indiana office, "I really enjoy working with you because you have such a positive attitude and problem-solve when things get so crazy. I never worry when you're in charge of a project."

3. In a conversation on the phone with my mom, she said her and my dad were talking and my dad had commented, "I'm just so proud of Lisa and all she's accomplished, and how she conducts her life in general."

4. And a new bloggie friend left this comment on my previous post.

Life is good.


PixieDust said...

So glad this happened right when you needed it.
And I have to say your photos are beautiful. The ethereal quality of this Alaskan photo reminds me of a fairy tale.

d said...

kudos girlfriend. it's so nice to hear you hearing the positive things we already knew.