Wednesday, June 10, 2009

head swimming

family of cuteness!

Where on earth have I been? Everywhere but here, apparently. I've been doing photo shoots, working my shrinking patootie off at the gym, spending time working in the garden, and planning and formulating. I cannot seem to stop moving, and it's a great feeling!

Ever since Leah's workshop, my brain has been on overload, deciding what I want my photography business to be. I know I want it to be a side job - I need my day job for a consistent paycheck and the health insurance. I don't want it to become work work - a fun hobby that turns into a job I dread. I never want to lose that sparkly, giddy, FUN feeling that comes from photography, and I never want to stop learning new things. I'll keep you posted in the upcoming weeks with all sorts of new and exciting happenings.

Here are a a few photos from last Friday's session. Aren't they just the cutest family? We had a blast working together and the kids had fun thinking up their own poses. Then there was pasta. Lots of it. And ice cream.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

creative overload

Here is a photo I took of Rachel, a gorgeous 15 year-old who modeled for Leah Profancik's workshop over the weekend. I had SO MUCH FUN at that workshop. Everyone was so nice and supportive, Leah was sweet and generous and shared a ton of knowledge with us, and my head threatened to explode with creative ideas. 

More to come in the days ahead. For now, I'll leave you with a few photos of Leah's bright and airy studio. Feel free to drool - we sure did!