Saturday, October 27, 2007

rainy october saturday

Birdbath in my garden.

Mini pumpkins I grew myself, sitting on my sundial.

I LOVE rainy, windy Saturdays in autumn. This morning I went to the theater to finish up painting the Epic Proportions set. The rain blew in spatters against the windows as we painted and outside the leaves were swirling against the gray sky. It was perfect painting weather, tucked away warm and creative in the church fellowship hall, music playing, and chatting with other members. Did I mention that this is our temporary theater home? We're renting out the fellowship hall until we find a theater to call our own. The church members have been so welcoming.

Leaves in my driveway.

Leaves all over my yard!

I went out to lunch with Jim and ate Chinese food, and here I am back at home, relishing one of those rare wonderful weekend evenings at home with nowhere to go. I'm planning on taking a short nap, cooking dinner, watching a movie on the couch, taking a jacuzzi bath, and maybe having a beer or two. Or three. Wearing my softest, least-flattering sweatpants. Hanging out, reading blogs, snuggling with Sophie and the cats.

I've been needing this so much!

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