Thursday, November 1, 2007

halloween reflections

An unsettling sculpture in a restaurant, oddly resembling Jim.

Overall, I had so much fun handing out candy last night. 99% of the kids and parents were happy, friendly, polite, and grateful. And I had close to 300 kids again. But then there are the few who, well, make a really good story.

I had SO MANY parents show up with bags and "kids in the car" stories this year. Is that the new trend?

My kid hurt his leg.
My kid is tired.

My kid is cold.

My kid is too shy.

My kid is is being punished.

My kid is an idiot.

The parents got just one piece of small candy. Next year I feel like putting up a big sign "MUST BE PRESENT TO RECEIVE CANDY." Or, I'll demand to be taken to the car, where I can give the candy to the injured / depressed / socially inept child myself.

Then I had a 15-ish year old girl who had a bag AND a backpack, AND was on her cell phone the whole time. When I didn't notice her open backpack, she turned around and pointed to it impatiently, still talking. If you're old enough to own a cell phone and call boys, you're too old to be begging for candy.

And BABIES with bags. One kid was maybe 6 months old and completely asleep, and the parents had a bag. You're telling me that this tiny toothless being is going to rip through licorice and Kit Kats when he wakes up? I think not.

Oh, and a few kids would reach in, take out the candy, examine it as if pondering whether to keep it, and then drop it back in. One kid asked for an exchange.

An exchange.

Like he's shopping at Target.

He's going to grow up to be someone's boss, I'm sure of it.


Beth Gettel said...

Yeah, one trick-or-treater at my mom's house said he didn't like what she gave him......I say, move on to the next house then, buddy!

Sarah said...

That totally looks like Jim. Weird!