Friday, April 17, 2009

photo friday

great-grandma, age 13
Above, once again, is my great-grandma. Written on the back is "Laura, age about 13 years. Taken up home behind the house. That is the granery fence posts for her garden." So it would be around 1919.

I don't exactly know what that means. Up home? Wouldn't you just say "taken behind the house?" Granery posts? She must mean "granary", and maybe the family tore down the granary building and used the wood for fence posts? I wonder why that fact was noted. Did my great-grandma have her own garden at age 13? So many questions. This is when I wish I could just reach through time and ask her what was going on.
great-grandma, twenties
Here's another puzzler. There's nothing written on the back of this one. At first glance, it looks like my great-grandma is hanging out in the yard with a cigarette. But no, she's reading a card or letter. What is it? Is it important? Why is she she dressed up? Why is the chair in the middle of the yard? Is this posed? Why did someone take a photo of it in the first place?

Sadly, we will never know. But it's fun to wonder.

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