Monday, September 3, 2007

holing up, day two

Clean Lymie, looking sleepy after a long soak in the jacuzzi tub.

I love being stinky and dirty. Sweaty, grimy, covered in dust and grass clippings, hair sticking to my head, fingernails black, miscellaneous twigs, leaves, and mulch stuck to my clothes and shoes. It means that I have worked hard and accomplished something. I didn't exert myself for three years. Think about that. Three years of not being able to do much of anything. So I welcome the grime and overall disgusting aroma that comes from a day of getting things done. Especially when my reward is a jacuzzi bath with homemade grapefruit-scented soap.

Soaking the grime away.
Today I:
  • slept in
  • drank coffee
  • turned on the "Dirty Jobs" marathon to admire my future husband, Mike Rowe
  • colored my hair
  • gave sophie a bath
  • mowed the lawn
  • weedwacked
  • watered the garden
  • ate coconut shrimp
  • hauled the weekly trash and bags of yard waste to the curb
  • swept the garage
  • vacuumed my car
  • did more laundry
  • soaked in the jacuzzi tub
  • packed for the upcoming wedding in NJ
Today I injured myself by:
  • falling down the stairs. I had been tossing laundry and sheets from my upstairs bedroom down the stairs. With an armload of magazines, DVDs, and books, I headed downstairs, slipped on the laundry 2 stairs from the bottom, and came crashing down onto the hardwood floor. I re-bruised my knees from my fall in NJ, wrenched my back, and scraped my forearm.
  • burning my fingers. I cleaned the ashes out my fire pit to dump on my garden. I began using my hands to scoop ashes when YOW! An ember from last night's fire was still hot, and burned and blistered two of my fingers on my right hand.
  • slicing my left hand with a pair of scissors while opening the package of coconut shrimp. It took me awhile to figure out where all the blood was coming from.
I am a klutz!


Genie said...

We have three things in common. Lyme, Harry Potter, and photography. Hi there! I just joined Blogger and I'm poking around. I've only seen three of your pics so far, but I like them! Especially Sophie. That's pretty much a perfect shot!

Donna Jean said...

My God Lisa! falling, burning, slicing... you sound like me! be careful girl - we need you.