Sunday, January 27, 2008

my day

lazy sunday morning
My bed, this morning.

Today is mine.

No theater, no pages of script, no props, no paint brushes, no notes, no driving.

No work, no office, no phones, no boss, no ads, no lunchtime chatter.

No people.

It is just me.

I will linger over my coffee in my pajamas and read blogs online. I will update my Netflix queue and read the news.

I will clean my house so I can see the floor. And the countertops. I will pick up the trail of clothes down the hallway and wash them and fill my dresser with clean underwear and socks.

I will not bathe. Or maybe I will, but it won't be a shower, it'll be a jacuzzi tub bath and then I'll use all sorts of girly lotions.

I will take the dogs outside to run. And I'll run around the yard with them and we will make footprints everywhere in the snow.

I won't wear a bra.

I will take a nap under my favorite quilt on the couch.

I will watch a movie or two.

I will cook myself a nice, point-friendly dinner and enjoy every bite. And finish it off with 25-calorie hot chocolate for dessert.

I'll go to bed early and read awhile before falling asleep in a pile of dogs and cats and blankets, all warm as it snows outside.

And tomorrow I will re-join the world.





Megan said...

Oh dear,
I'm sitting here reading over a month's worth of your blogs, wondering which one I'd like to comment on, and I knew it was this one because of the not wearing a bra comment that made me laugh out loud, the cartoonish first picture of the dogs, and knowing that my tearing up as I read your plans for a single sunday somehow meant that *everything's* going to be okay...

Anonymous said...

Love the pics of the dogs. The skinny one and puffy one! Very cute.


mare said...

GOD I love your photography. Sophie and her cute as sweater and her new sister are adorable. Great in the air shot.

Genie said...

I love that photo of your bed! It's perfect and so warm... I mean, I feel like if I touched the sheets they'd still be warm from where you'd been sleeping. And way to catch your doggie flying!

I hope you enjoyed this day as much as your blog implied you would!