Saturday, March 22, 2008

lymie goes domestic

Cupcakes for Easter
Aren't these cute?! Can you believe I made them?

So there was a sale at Michael's on those fun icing tips and bags for frosting. I got caught up in the spirit and bought bright pink cupcake holders and glittery sugar sprinkles for the top. And here they are, made from scratch: vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting.

There are 24 of them, all waiting to travel 2 hours north tomorrow to spend Easter with my family. It's the first time I've been able to see my nieces since they've moved back with their dad, so I can't wait. Expect many photos to follow!

Happy Easter, everyone!


Anonymous said...

They look so yummy, almost to pretty to eat :-) I luv buttercream icing.

Happy Eater,


Anonymous said...



Genevieve said...

Yum! They look so pretty!

Megan said...

photographer...writer...actress...and now baker!! they look incredible - my mouth is watering...seriously!!

Genie said...

Okay, this is probably pointless to mention because I'm sure you know your body very well. But many years ago I decided I must be allergic to wheat, why else did I hurt so bad when I ate "normally" but felt fine when I ate low-carb? I got tested, it was negative. But I felt better off wheat so I stayed that way. Then I found out about "sensitivity" to wheat. Hmm, interesting. So I wasn't crazy!

But then I got diagnosed with Lyme and everything else fell by the wayside and I forgot my wheat sensitivity, still, low-carb had become such a habit that wheat wasn't an issue. Until I had to quit work and it was cheaper to eat pasta and bread than low-carb. The pain got worse and worse and worse until, finally, I remembered! Oh sh*t, wheat makes me hurt! I got off of it and in three days my pain decreased 80% and suddenly I could wear shoes again. I hadn't been able to wear shoes, real shoes, for MONTHS! I still have most of the same pain, but it's not nearly so bad as it was when I was eating wheat.

These cupcakes make me wonder if you might have some food sensitivities that exacerbate your pain and depression. Just a though.