Friday, May 22, 2009

photo friday

just married
Yep, my grandma is making yet another appearance. But look! She brought my grandpa and two unknown friends with her!

My grandparents are the couple on the right; I have no idea who the people on the left are, but they seem fun enough. Just look at them pretend to fill a glass with a cold beverage! Nonstop frivolity, I'm telling you.

This photo was taken shortly after they were married, maybe on a day trip to Boblo Island (note the faint sign above my grandma's head). I love the fake ship background, the cheesy signs, and the up-to-no-good expression on my grandpa's face. Maybe his bottle was filled with the real stuff.

1 comment:

-M said...

i think this is my favorite one yet. doesn't the guy on the left look like he just walked into the picture from the present? lol, kinda like lost...