Thursday, August 27, 2009

katie's day out

near the working farm
More photos from Katie's vacation with me. These are from her day at Greenfield Village.
All photos were taken with my little Canon Elph, because I didn't feel like
lugging my heavy Canon 20D around.

following a chicken
Following a chicken.

near the working farm
At the working farm.

on the tracks
Standing on the tracks.

working the old-fashioned printing press
Using the old-fashioned printing press.

in the sawmill
Upstairs at the sawmill.

near the craft works
Near the Liberty Craftworks district.

drinking a root beer
Having a root beer (while I have a Bell's Pale Ale).

on the carousel
On the carousel.

in the town square
In the town square.

petting a horse
Petting a really big horse.

A gazebo.

garden house
At the Garden House.

at the garden house
In the Garden House gardens.

at the cotswold house
Standing in goldenrod in the Cotswold Garden.

candle making
Making a hand-dipped beeswax candle.

in line for candle making
Holding up her tiny, barely-coated wicks. Candles have to be dipped 20-30 times!

drying a hand-dipped candle
Drying off the candles after cooling them in water.

henry ford imax theater
At the IMAX theater, waiting for Under the Sea 3D to begin.

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