Friday, August 21, 2009

photo friday

Check this out:

No, not the beer! The faceless man sitting across from me at a microbrewery last night.

Could it be???? Yes, it's true! I am no longer single. Just when I had given up (most) hope and decided I'd be going into my 40's single, and was finally completely fine with that, BAM! Some coworkers at work played matchmaker and set us up. Many emails and a meeting later, we totally hit it off and have been seeing each other ever since.

I'm not giving many details at this point, since he doesn't yet know that I even have a blog. But let's just say: it's been about six weeks, he's fantastic, and I'm having so much fun!


Anonymous said...

:-) so happy you're happy

Anonymous said...

I second that - happy Lisa is a damn good thing. :o)