Monday, April 28, 2008



I am actually home tonight and it feels really strange. No more rehearsals, no more hours and hours at the theater. I'm a bit herxy today, so it's nice to be sitting here in my pajamas, watching it rain outside, and taking it easy.

Opening weekend went GREAT! I had so much fun and wasn't nervous at all. In fact, I couldn't wait to get on stage and make people laugh. My six lines and one minute of glory went by too fast, and then I was done. I need a bigger role next time.

What I had never experienced before was the camaraderie of the actors. Everyone supporting everyone else, forgiving minor mistakes and dropped lines, giving encouragement backstage. Making me feel important even with my wee six lines. And then when the curtain closed after our bows when the show was over, everyone started hugging each other with joy and doing little happy dances. I felt like such a part of a team. I loved it!


My theater readers will recognize the little spunky redhead in these photos, a daughter of two of the members. I was asked to photograph her after her first communion last Saturday. It was a gorgeous spring day with everything in bloom, and the sun came out after a rather overcast morning.


So as promised, here is another installment in Lisa's Wacky Medical Needs. Over the course of three appointments (two last week and one today) I've had 12 "suspicious" moles removed from my moley self, mostly on my back and arms. Nothing serious, just moles that were odd colors or shapes and could potentially lead to more dangerous things. It was not fun. The Mole Remover Dude numbed the area, then injected me with this stuff to make the mole pop up, then he razored it off. It leaves a fun little wound you have to take care of.

Bath time is annoying, because when I get out, I have 12 places to squirt antibiotic cream and cover with a band-aid. The ones of my back are especially challenging - living alone, and with the poms not so helpful in that area, I'm left to squirm and wiggle and twist myself around to get the band-aids on. All I can say is that I hope they heal quickly.


Ahhhhh. I am home. Did I mention that? I AM HOME. Did I also mention I'm in my pajamas? I'm off to eat fresh pineapple, sit on the couch, and watch Dancing With the Stars.

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