Tuesday, April 1, 2008

domo arigato

Some days you wake up tired, grumpy, and depressed. You feel your life has no meaning and that you are a failure. You want to curl up on your lawn and be rained on.

But then.

On your way to work you hear the song "Mr. Roboto". You sing along. You remember that in 1983 you owned the 45 and played it over and over in your room. You roller skated to it. And now you realize that it's one of the worst songs ever made. Ever. But it makes you happy, and soon you are smiling and bobbing your head to the beeps and blips and chimes.

Thank you very much, Mr. Roboto, for helping me escape, just when I needed to. Thank you.

Who can finish the rest of the song? Who will admit that they can?!


megan said...

i do not know the rest of the words but can bob my head along with the beeps and do a robot dance...is that good enough??

Genie said...

I make myself "happy" cd's that are fun to sing to to listen to in the car. I have to, sometimes it's one of the few things that pulls me out of myself.

But then my cd player died. le Sigh.