Friday, June 13, 2008

lymeapallooza '08

St. Tick (aka my friend Jim with help from Photoshop).

Yes, it's that magical season, when good ol' Saint Tick visits the homes of all those good boys and girls suffering from Lyme disease and leaves them green cupcakes beneath the lime tree.

Upon awakening, the Lymies are filled with glee and joy as they eat the sugary goodness, and the villagers join hands and sing Lyme carols and hug each other. Then they get drunk and cry.

It is a beautiful time of year.

Traditional Lymecakes.


Anonymous said...

oh! they look delish! i hope mine arrives in the mail soon!

Anonymous said...

i love jim lol. How did i miss this day again!! you need to send out invites, since our anniversaries of getting lymed are so close. :-)

What icing is on those cupcakes?


Anonymous said...

I want a Lymecake too.....

Come to think of it, I want my Lymie!

I miss you, Lisa-Lisaaaaaa!


Anonymous said...

Oh, and the pic of Jim?

I have no words.... ;o)

tgl43 said...

Well fellow Lymie, sorry to hear you are herxing, know the feeling,. have you seen the movie Under our Skin yet? Check out the and check the trailer, I saw it last week and it blew my mind!