Saturday, June 21, 2008

sunny rainy saturday


Today, my friends Beth and Brent and their two kids came to visit me for the day. We went to Greenfield Village in Dearborn, which is just minutes from my house. I've known Beth since we were 13 years old and in high school. I can't imagine not having her in my life. So as usual, we all had a blast.

I've been itching to photograph their adorable kids Lauren and Ethan, and man, did I get the chance!






Halfway through our day, it stormed. Maybe more than stormed. Perhaps I should say it monsooned all over us. There were big dark clouds in the distance, and we kept saying "it'll blow over." And it did blow over - all over us. We huddled under an awning for the first round of rain, thunder, and lightning, then got on the steam engine train when it seemed like it was clearing up a bit. Yeah, no.

The ride (completely open train cars) turned into a water park ride, with the rain shooting across us in vicious gusts of wind. We couldn't have been much wetter if someone threw us in the ocean. The train passengers kept screaming and laughing as each drenching blast of rain hit us. I had my body flung over my camera bag, trying to keep it dry. Not the weather we expected, but definitely an adventure and a good story the kids can tell their grandparents. So this explains why everyone looks waterlogged in some of these photos.

Wet but smiling.

It continued to rain and storm for the rest of the day, but we didn't let it spoil our fun. After all, we couldn't get much more soaked. We watched a glass blowing demonstration, did some shopping, stopped and had popcorn and drinks, and milled around in our squishy shoes.

Popcorn, and Bell's Amber Ale (brewed in Kalamazoo, where I went to college).

After all that, we went to IHOP for some wonderful breakfast-for-supper. I'd been craving pancakes ever since reading Gen's blog, so it really hit the spot. I also had an omelet and hash browns - too much food to finish. We headed back to my house for a rousing game of Twister before the sleepy gang drove back home.

It was a memorable day!

You can see the whole set of photos here.

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Gen said...

Beautiful photos!
And yay, you finally had your pancakes!

Megan said...

incredible photos - beautiful young models, and a great shot of the windmill/storm clouds! do you know toby b? he used to be on that old-style baseball team.