Sunday, June 15, 2008

the sky was angry today

So I was going about my leisurely Sunday morning activities: letting the dogs run in the yard, enjoying my coffee while reading blogs and the news online, doing a few loads of laundry, making some veggie juice.



Time slipped away, and suddenly it was 1:00. I had mowed half my lawn yesterday and had to keep stopping to rest, since I was still a bit herxy. So it took me forever. Today I planned on mowing the rest of it, weedwacking, edging, etc.

I hauled out the weedwacker (which converts to an edger) and edged the driveway back to the garage, taking my grand old time. Then I noticed the sun was missing. I looked up, and the sky was completely blue-black in the west. Crap.

I put the weedwacker away and rolled out the lawnmower, cranked it up, and started mowing like a crazy person, trying to beat the storm. My lawn was so long in the back that it had taken a few days to dry out from the last storm, so I needed to mow it NOW.

Back and forth, sweating, pushing, emptying the clippings, watching the Big Whompin' Clouds get closer. Then the thunder. A bright gash of lightning that went straight to the ground. I finished, panting, put everything away, and dashed into the house as the rain came down.

Rainy driveway

It was a glorious storm.

Rainy yard

Now it's still cloudy but the rain has passed for the moment. I'm going to get some weeding done in the garden and then take a jacuzzi bath with sea salt and let the next round of storms hit.

Oh, and I'm in the final stages of going through the cruise photos. I'll upload the Cozumel batch soon.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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Megan said...

i LOVE thunderstorms - i dozed on the couch after that Sunday afternoon one :)