Friday, July 11, 2008

almost perfect

hydrangea, barely blooming
Hydrangea in my garden, just beginning to bloom.

Today was outstanding. First of all, it's Friday, which is good no matter what. Then, my boss left at noon today, giving me the afternoon to clean my cubicle and organize my computer files so he can find things while I'm off on medical leave. Lunch was relaxing. The afternoon flew by, and I came home to the happiness of an Amazon box propped against my door. Yay! A Friday with presents. Book presents!

I spent the evening in the yard with Sophie and Sadie, weeding the flower beds and then taking photos. I swear, I can entertain myself for hours in my little yard with my camera.

Sadie, who always looks like she's smiling.

Sophie, who always looks a bit worried.

Then I sat under the walnut tree and started reading my new book from Amazon, Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, a young adult book that people of all ages seem to be reading right now. I kept hearing the buzz about the series and seeing it in stores, so I'm plunging in. It's really good so far. Plus, it's being made into a movie, coming out in December.

Now I'm about to soak in a nice long jacuzzi bath and use my new bar of lemongrass Zum soap, then put on my jammies and read more in bed. Tomorrow I can sleep in before cleaning my house. I am in one of those rare, relaxed, happy states of mind and I plan to enjoy it for as long as I can!

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