Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Get Well Cards
Get well cards.

Not much new to report here. My foot is better - the horrible, deep bone ache is gone, and I'm not taking pain pills at all during the day. I take one before bed because for some reason, the pain is worse at night.


I'm just amazed at how long it takes to do anything! I'm used to leaping around, dashing up and down stairs, bathing in 15 minutes, doing housework, mowing the lawn . . . and now I have to plan. Making coffee and figuring out how to get it into the living room is a huge undertaking. My trick is to make a pot, then dump it in my thermos, which I can then dangle from a finger while holding onto the crutches. That's the hardest part - not being able to carry things. I shove things in my bra or pockets, clamp them in my teeth, or put them in a backpack, and then hobble away. Today I was able to use the "one-crutch method" and have one hand free to carry my lunch to the couch. And then I had to go upstairs to get some more clean t-shirts, and scooted up and down the stairs on my hands and knees like a mountain climber. It was quite a sight.

Sophie Sleeping

When I'm not crawling or hopping through my house, I'm reading. I've whipped through the first three books of the Twilight Saga by

Mason Jar Candle
Berry cobbler-scented soy candle in a mason jar, a get-well gift from my mom.

I'm also able to take photos, as you can see above. My camera is easy to hang around my neck, so it's ready for every action-packed moment in the Lymie household. I think Sophie and Sadie are getting tired of me hovering over them with my camera. They see me coming, and you can almost see them sigh and think, "aw, crap!" Then they suck it up and pose for me.

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