Saturday, January 10, 2009

snowy night out

The ceiling and part of a balcony at the Detroit Music Hall, taken with my Canon Digital Elph.

Ever since I was blown away by Giselle last March, I've wanted to see another ballet. Tonight I took myself to see Don Quixote, performed by the Russian National Ballet at the Detroit Music Hall. Although it didn't capture my heart like Giselle did (there is just something about that ballet!), it was fantastic and fun. I enjoy getting dressed up and going downtown, seeing something new, and people watching.

It had snowed for two days straight, dumping 9 or more inches on the area. I love snow, so that's fine with me - the more, the better. But it also made for some slow driving on my way downtown. The freeways were completely covered in snow so I couldn't tell what lane I was in, if any. It was like one gigantically wide road.

I snuck this photo, without flash, as the dancers were taking their bows. Shhh! Don't tell anyone . . .

music hall
Here's everyone leaving the Music Hall after the ballet.
It would be a nicer photo without the huge snowplow parked right in front.

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Anonymous said...

Great pics, how do you like the Cannon Elph....Im thinking of getting one with my tax refund.