Wednesday, February 6, 2008

beautiful night

Garden in Snow

My garden in the snow, Wednesday night.

Well, the rain turned to sleet and then snow, the heavy kind that sticks to everything. I just came in from my yard, armed with my camera. It's a gorgeous evening that lifted my spirits.

I'm so tired. I cannot believe how tired I am. I feel like the proverbial truck that hit me has backed up for another go. It's the herx that will not end - two weeks so far, trying to pull me down and tear me apart from the inside out. It comes and goes in its intensity, but it's always there. I wonder what the Igenex test will pick up. It was the perfect time to take it, with all these symptoms flaring.

I can't wait for the phone call from my doctor.


Genevieve said...

Ahh, snow. I love your snow pictures. I hope you feel better soon.
Thinking of you.

Genie said...

Oh dear, I haven't been by in so long that I have no idea what's going on with the Lyme. Last I read I thought you were feeling pretty good. I wonder if it's the weather or what but I've been feeling pretty crappy too.

Are you in on any of the Lyme studies? There's one right now for Lymies who test positive on the IGG portion of the Western Blot. It's mostly observation but they may provie some antibiotics and some basic medical tests, I think.