Monday, February 4, 2008

a bit of calm

hampton court

A garden at Hampton Court Palace, southwest of London, England, May 2005.

Even though I have so many worries weighing me down, today I am grateful:

. . . that our show opened to a GREAT weekend! Thank you cast and crew!

. . . that my bathroom is finally clean and sparkling.

. . . that I am home tonight and not dashing all over the place or at the theater.

. . . that I have clean socks and t-shirts tumbling in the dryer.

. . . for the great new skin products I bought at Target (and what the heck is going on with my skin, anyway? Who has a surge of breakouts at age 38?!).

. . . that the unexplained measuring cup in the hallway I've been stepping over for a week is now in the dishwasher (yes, my house was that messy).

. . . that Sophie & Sadie love their new bones so much that they've been happily gnawing away for hours.

. . . that tomorrow evening I'll have a fabulous sushi dinner with Cliff & Claudia.

. . . that I get to go to bed early tonight on clean sheets!


Anonymous said...

hee hee hee i love it... you're following "the secret" and you don't even realize it. you're saying all the things you are grateful for! isn't it great? i grateful you found things to be grateful for. :-)

oh - and the breakouts? tell me about it. i look like i've had the chicken pox - for 3 months! it's toxins coming out girlfriend. you are ridding your body of the unwanted. another thing to be happy about. :-)

Genie said...

Wow, deja vu. I'm 37 and all of the sudden my chin looks like a battlefield. Before I was diagnosed I thought it was just bad luck that my acne didn't go away after high school. Now I think the LD does something to my hormones which ravages my face and neck with breakouts on a regular basis, especially this week. Ew.

Megan said...

there's something about crawling into bed with clean sheets...mmm....

i need to do a "thanks for" list more often. kudos to you!