Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Parkview Cemetery
Entrance to Parkview Cemetery, Livonia.

After a particularly bad day today, I pulled over to have a good cry - it was no longer wise for me to be driving with makeup and tears mushing together in my eyeballs. I happened to be near one of my favorite photography sites in the area, which also happens to be a cemetery entrance. So this is where I ended up. What does it say about me that after I calmed down, I had to dig for my tiny Canon SD1000 Elph and take a photo out of the sunroof? By the way, the light is from a big spotlight and not the sunset - it was raining when I took this.

And now it is still raining, and I'm going to bed.


djh said...

It says that even in your misery you still see beauty around you... :-)

Anonymous said...

and that Someone is comforting you with beauty - lovely picture, Lis!