Saturday, November 15, 2008

let the rain fall down

birthday girl

Today was one of those dark, drippy Saturdays where it rained constantly all day long. I love those kind of days. I spent most of my time getting caught up on sorting through all of the photos I've taken in the past few months. Above is one of my favorites - my little neighbor with the soulful eyes, posing on her birthday. Isn't she just so cute?

I did some laundry, cleaned the living room, and mopped the hardwood floors with Murphy's Oil Soap, which makes everything smell so good. I ate toast with jam. Took a nap. Watched an unsatisfying movie. Now I'm watching Saturday Night Live, hosted by Paul Rudd, who I adore. What a hottie!
Oh, yeah. Nice.

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jen said...

wow, the little girl's eyes are so astonishing. what a beautiful photo.