Wednesday, November 26, 2008


dreaming . . .
Dreaming of vacations to come . . .

I don't know why I've been so mopey lately. I mean, seriously! It's the holiday season and I am very grateful for what I do have at the moment.

Let's make a list, shall we?

I am grateful for:

Having a stable job that I love, in a creative field. Especially in the abysmal Detroit/Michigan economy.

Owning a house, which I also love. It's tiny, it's cute, and it's decorated in a way that's so me. I love every room.

My family. My nieces, who I would do anything for. And my newest niece, the sweet and adorable Hope, who will be enjoying her first Christmas this year.

My friends, spread everywhere from Australia to Alaska, New Jersey to Michigan and back again.

My happy zoo of pets: pomeranians Sophie and Sadie, cats Murphy and Lucy, frog Toby, and fish Wiggy.

My health. Although I technically still have Lyme disease, I am leaps and bounds better than I was a year ago. In fact, I'm more healthy than I have been in almost FIVE years. I am able to hold a pen, mow my lawn, spell words, tell a story, go shopping, and do a multitude of things that were impossible in the worst moments of my disease.

My neighbors. Tonight I gave my little two-year old neighbor her photo book and the Black Apple doll I made her.


She was so happy that she didn't want to go home. She kept walking over to the shelf where I had all the "practice" dolls and hugging them.

So there. My list of gratefulness.

I'm headed to my parents' house tomorrow morning for a big, whompin' turkey dinner, which I intend to enjoy in great quantities. And then it's my birthday on Sunday. Photos, commentary, and meaningless thoughts to follow.


Gen said...

Happy Thanksgiving! We don't have Thanksgiving in Australia but it seems like a beautiful holiday for friends and family near and far to come together and enjoy each other's company. And the food!

I loved seeing the travel book on Australia. Can't wait for when we can meet.

Love you and chat to you soon.

xxoo, Gen

Anonymous said...

A beautiful list indeed. Just keep focusing on those things, and the mopeyness like Lyme will too be a thing of the past.

Love ya. :-)

(Feel free to put me down as a seperate line item on your list if you want - it might make me blush a little, but I can handle it.)

Anonymous said...

Love you chica... hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend!

We must hang again SOON! That little photo shoot was HARDLY enough Lymie time for me. ;o)

Peace & Love
Sarah Grace

PS - I LOVE the dolls your making! They're awesome!

rebekka said...

Oh my gosh... that is probably my favorite rendition of a Black Apple doll I have seen yet! I LOVE the hair!!!