Saturday, October 4, 2008

a very hope-ful morning

Hope #1

I took the dogs up to "Camp Grandma" to stay with my parents next week while I'm in Washington D.C. on business, and then visiting Laura in New Jersey. My brother took me to see my sweet little niece, Hope, and honestly, I cannot believe I'm lucky enough to be related to this gorgeous creature.

I'll be back next Saturday, so hold tight until then. I'll have tons of photos and fun adventures to share!

Hope #2

Hope #3

Hope #4


d said...

she's beautiful! and what baby blues!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE her eyes! and her hair does seem somewhat familiar. You lucky lucky auntie


Megan said...

and that cute little chin! i love it! she's such a cutie - and she does resemble you a lot :)

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Marian said...

What a sweet sweet face.