Saturday, October 18, 2008

to hell and back

welcome to hell

On Friday, Donna, me and visiting friend Sarah went to Hell, Michigan, an actual city north of Ann Arbor. We had lunch at the Dam Site Inn, where we ate fabulous burgers and beer, surrounded by flames dancing on the walls and windows (the fake kind with fluttering silk fabric).

beer in hell


witch crossing


We did a little souvenir shopping at Screams Ice Cream, where you can buy all things Halloween year-round. Donna and Sarah had to practically drag me out of that store - I wanted to buy everything.

halloween village

Then we went hiking at the Pinckney Recreation Area, where we did a relaxing 2-mile hike around lakes and through the woods.




It was a gorgeous, fun autumn day.


Genie said...

What a perfect day! Hell, Halloween, Nature! PERFECT!

Anonymous said...

Hey girlie.... I JUST got your comment about doing a banner for me!

I would LOVE it!

Also... we need to do those wedding pics ASAP. When is good for you?

Love ya

Andrea Runyan said...

man, what kind of camera do you have? I want to take photos like these!