Thursday, October 23, 2008

i don't wanna

corn maze
Inside a corn maze this past weekend.

One week of frivolous eating is relatively easy to recover from. Two weeks in a row is a disaster. With all the traveling I've done in the past 14 days, I can't seem to get myself in the swing of things again; I don't feel like measuring my food, counting my points, or being at all accountable.

This makes me ponder what on earth is in packaged foods to make them so addictive. When I'm not eating processed food and sugar, I don't crave it anymore. But when I have fries or a burger or a big slice of cheesecake, or pretty much anything out of a package with a gazillion ingredients not found in nature, things fall apart. Something triggers in my brain, a monster comes out, and I just crave more.

I wonder what people in Ye Olde Tymes did, in the way-back-when days of fruits, vegetables, barley, and meat, maybe some cheese or beer, and that's it. No one rode their horse into the nearest village and ordered mini tacos. Did medieval people even have food issues? Did they sneak away to the pantry in the dead of night and binge on cabbage? Beat themselves up the next morning when their corset was too tight? It seems like someone must have had food issues, but it doesn't seem possible when there was no convenient food to unwrap or 24-hour drive-thrus to frequent. Can you imagine not being bombarded with food commercials on TV, restaurants on the way home, and aisles and aisles of convenience foods you don't need to eat, ever? I'm not saying I'm longing to own a cottage in the 1500's and live off the land, but sheesh.
Nowadays it's just too easy to eat.


None of these thoughts will help me. I still have goals to achieve and new pants to get into. I just don't quite feel like it yet, but I'm going to do it anyway.

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