Tuesday, October 28, 2008

crap! i still have a cold!

caramel apple
Caramel apple at an engagement party a few weeks ago.

My joy at having a cold has quickly withered to annoyance. This cold turned into one of those ache-all-over, fevery, exhausted, big pile of yuck flu-ey colds.

You probably can't tell by reading this, but I have no voice, and haven't had once since Saturday. That's a long time to go without speaking. What comes out is a demonic rasping, crackling sound, punctuated with a dry cough. It's quite attractive. A friend called me today and couldn't even understand what I was saying; she told me to grunt if the answer was yes, and hiss if the answer was no. Oh, the fun we had.

I've missed two days of work this week, but plan on going in tomorrow. I'm not feeling as horrible, but still have no voice. Which, unfortunately, will not get me out of doing some fine graphic design for the company. Off to sleep.


Genie said...

Ew, sorry Lisa. Hope you bounce back soon!

ashley said...

I'm not usually a fan of caramel apples... but your photo makes this one look SO YUMMY!

Feel better soon! :)

d said...

i'd like to hear your version of demonic rasping...