Friday, December 12, 2008

feeding frenzy

The Black Apple doll I made for Gen hangs out with my doll before being shipped to Australia.

Today we had our departmental potluck Christmas party. My eating has been all over the place lately, with being busy with the play, taking road trips, and dealing with all the holiday food. I weighed myself this morning and discovered that I've pretty much broken even, which was shocking (considering, among other things, the Olive Garden feast last weekend in Pennsylvania). I've kept off the weight I lost this fall, which is good, but still have more to go.

I didn't want to totally stuff myself and then sit at my desk all afternoon, bloated and reeking of meatballs. So I decided that I'd have a scoop of everything I really wanted, skip the food that didn't look interesting, only make one trip, and only have one dessert. It worked out really well. Instead of feeling like I had to sample everyone's food and eat it whether I liked it or not, I enjoyed my favorite things and finished it off with a slice of raspberry cheesecake. When I was tempted to go back, I asked myself "do you really want to work off those calories in the new year?" The answer was no. I keep reminding myself that every calorie counts, and making little changes here and there is better than doing nothing at all.

Now I just have to survive the cookie exchange.

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TC said...

Found your blog through looking for lyme disease. I had it 3 years ago. Still haven't gotten down to my old weight but I am working now but today was a LAZY day. Don't be too hard on yourself. Your photos are beautiful. I'm still reading.