Monday, December 8, 2008

somewhere in pennsylvania . . .

Donna and I had a great time in Pennsylvania! Here are the highlights:
  • We dripped fast food all over our shirts just 10 minutes into the trip. 
  • Somehow we missed the exit for the correct freeway and ended up an hour off-course. This resulted in taking side roads through the mountains in total darkness while it was snowing, and arriving at Sarah's house at 10:30 p.m. 
  • At a gas station/store, I meant to tell Donna not to choose pizza to eat because Sarah's family was having it for us once we arrived and I didn't want her to eat pizza twice in one evening. It came out as "don't eat because Sarah is feeding us when we get there." Imagine her surprise when I came out with a big roast beef sandwich. 
  • The baby shower was fun! Such yummy food and great company 
  • A huge flock of birds fluttered over us and came to rest in them middle of our lane as we were flying 75 mph down the freeway. Donna screamed "GET OUT OF THE WAY" while I hid my face, both reactions very effective. And no, we didn't hit any birds. 
  • Donna spilled her entire container of fries all over the floor as she was driving. Then, after another rest stop, she tried to unlock the wrong car, and another motorist commented "you won't get home in that car." 
  • I lost the baby shower greeting card five minutes after I was asked to sign it. It ended up in my luggage and we brought it back home.
I'm sure there are plenty more, but it's late and I'm tired. Donna? Anything to add?


Gen said...

NO WAY! This is too funny. Well, if i had to share a brain with anyone, i'd pick you. :)

she who drives with the birds said...

let's see - i'd add:

bethie squeezing donna's injured hand,

the ghost throwing piper's make-up across the table,

and most memorable, us getting to feel baby blannett kick. :-)