Wednesday, December 17, 2008


my house

We had about 4" of snow last night, and now everything looks more Christmasey. Here is the front of my house. I still don't have my tree up, but I was able to spend ten minutes hanging my wreath on the hook and decorating the windowbox with three trees and some berry garland. The snow hanging off of everything gives it a nice effect.


Here's Sophie in her festive snowman t-shirt. She's not a fan of the snow, probably because she doesn't have a lot of hair (but it's slowly growing in, finally).


Sadie, on the other hand, LOVES the snow. She runs big circles around the yard, spins around, kicks up her little paws, and dashes away again. Here she is in action.

I'm off to the theater for another rehearsal. Time to find something comfy to change into.


Genevieve said...

Everything looks beautiful!

Anonymous said...

OMG Sophie and Sadie are hilarious! I wish I could be there to play with them both.