Saturday, December 13, 2008

reaching out to touch you

Who remembers Ice Castles from 1978? Growing up, it was one of my favorite movies, because it was about (of course) skating. Tonight it was on TV, and I watched it as I sorted through the piles of clutter in my living room. It's your classic athlete-falls-from-the-top-and-rises-again movie, complete with 70's melodramatic music, a supportive boyfriend, a loving dad, feathered hair, a possible career-ending injury, jumpsuits, and jealous fellow skaters.

My favorite part is when the audience starts throwing roses on the ice after Lexi's performance, not knowing she's partially blind. She trips and falls down, and loving Nick comes scooting out on the ice, helps her up, and whispers "we forgot about the roses." Lexi's kind and forgiving, while I would have been all "Nick, you are such an idiot. Why don't you just throw me down a flight of stairs while you're at it?" And we would have argued our way off the ice. Of course, that would have ruined the happy ending.

Now I have the theme song stuck in my head, and unfortunately I know all the words because we sang it in choir in high school. My poor dogs. Every time I come around the corner, I start bellowing "PLEASE! Don't let this feeling END!" and sing the whole verse through "looking through . . . the eyyyyeeesss, of looooooooovvve!" That song is a timeless classic.

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Genevieve said...

I've never seen this movie but love ice-skating! My favourite sport to watch on TV!