Thursday, August 28, 2008

longing for england

We had our annual art show at work today. Last year I displayed mainly portraits of children, so this year I decided to go through my photos from England and Ireland and choose my favorites. And here they are:
AMG Art Show photos
1. View from the top of Blarney Castle; Cork Co., Ireland.
2. Ruins at Glastonbury Abbey; Somerset, England.
3. Leeds Castle; Kent, England.
4. One of the gardens at Hampton Court Palace; Surrey, England.
5. Highgate Cemetery; Highgate, London, England.
6. Rievaulx Abbey; North York Moors, North Yorkshire, England.
7. Hiking near Bath, England.
8. Hampton Court Palace; Surrey, England.

All those photos made me really miss England. If I was kicked out of the United States for some reason (a reason that would probably have a really great story involving beer, angry pomeranians, and Donna), that's where I would live - in a little cottage in the country. And I would raise sheep for wool. And I would knit stuff and sell it. Let's just say, that's my backup plan.

I love the history, the landscapes, the ocean, and the beer. Also, outside of New York, London is my favorite city. I want to marry an Englishman who lives in America, has family in England, and likes to make frequent visits back home, taking his lovely wife (me) with him. That's backup plan #2. Anyone know of any single Brits in the Detroit area? Let me know. You know where to find me.

I'm suddenly aching for another trip to England. Rosanne? You ready?


meet me at midnight said...

i'm so honored to be part of the reason you are kicked out of the country! hmmm - which compels me; we need to make a playdate and get into some new mischief!

megg said...

Giggle. I did it backwards - I came here and met an Englishman who likes to visit my family in Canada! It is an amazing country - I loved your pictures!

susannah said...

yay, Bath! thanks for delurking - it's good to find you! k, i better get back to the packing :-)

ps i love your tattoo