Monday, August 11, 2008

camera phone retrospect

So I just upgraded to a new phone, this cool LG Chocolate in Blue Ice. On my Verizon plan, I get a free phone very two years, and this is the one I chose. Before activating it, I downloaded all the photos off my old Motorola Razor.

I love camera phone photos. They capture a quick moment in time, nothing scripted or thought out. You usually don't set up a shot, or worry about making a great artistic photo - you just point and shoot and save it to your camera, so later you can go back and flip through all the nifty memories.

Here are my favorites from the past two years. Included are a trip to Chicago; an evening at Comerica Park; Vermont; business trips to Washington D.C. and Ft. Lauderdale; holidays; dogs; a Morrissey concert - plus other exciting shots of me making strange, delirious faces. Please enjoy.

camera phone mosaic

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Anonymous said...

awwww... aunt phyl made it to your favorites! that and jim in the tub can't be beat!