Sunday, August 17, 2008

yes, it's real

lime slice tattoo

Here it is! I've been waiting for the grand unveiling until after it was all healed and smooth. I got it when my mom was here taking care of me after my surgery. I had been wavering back and forth, not sure if I wanted to take the plunge. I knew I wanted a lime slice, because Lyme disease has been such a battle I am proud to be overcoming. But it's just so permanent. My mom has wanted a tattoo for the last twenty years, and planned for us to get them together. I told her I just wasn't sure, and she said, "Oh, stop being such a wussie! You're getting a tattoo whether you want to or not!" It was a strange moment in our mother-daughter relationship.

My mom got a shamrock on her right ankle, since her birthday is on St. Patrick's day. I got the above lime slice also on my right ankle. The tattoo guy said that in his 20 years of tattooing people, he'd never done a lime. He drew this for me, so it's one-of-a-kind. I absolutely love it! I love the bright colors, the squirt, the shadows and highlights. And I love it because it has meaning for me - it's a symbol of strength and courage (and a bit of humor) to get through something so dark and horrid.

I am glad my mom forced me to get a tattoo. See, even that sentence sounds wierd.


Gen said...

Wow, that is awesome! I love how non-traditional this tatoo is! And your MUM made you get it! That's even better.

Anonymous said...


I absolutely ADORE it sweetheart - it's so perfect!!!

Welcome to the Coven of the Inked.... hehehe

I'm going to be calling soon about you doing some artsy wedding photos for me and Derek, FYI!

Love you
Miss you

Tony said...

I was looking through pictures of limes (no explanation necessary!) and found your tattoo picture, it's AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

I understand your fight against lyme disease. I have been fighting lyme since i was 14 years old and i am now 24 years of age still fighting the battle and not giving in tho it gets harder and harder to do. I wish you health and happiness.