Sunday, August 31, 2008

last day of august

still more ruffled cosmos

It's so hard to capture just how gorgeous my garden is at the moment. The zinnias are blazing right now, a whole corner of them in full bloom. Along the driveway are more zinnias, a different variety called "green envy". And I love the ruffly cosmos I planted this year with their hot pink, red, light pink, and white colors, like candy.

I let the dogs out at 9 a.m. this morning and the light was so perfect I had to run back inside for my camera. Here are my favorite photos.



green envy zinnias

ruffled cosmos

more ruffled cosmos


Gen said...

Oh Lisa. These are beautiful! It's the first day of spring in Australia and i'm so happy!!!

dj said...

you definitely have the eye girl... all so beautiful!

ashley said...

So I definitely LOVE your blog. There's something wonderful and addicting about it.

Can I ask what kind of camera you have?