Tuesday, February 24, 2009

lisa unravels

eight feet

I am taking the current online Unravelling: Ways of Seeing My Self e-course from the fabulous Susannah Conway. Our first assignment was to photograph our feet in various situations, something I seem to do all the time anyway. I posted the above four: my black painted toenails on my black and white kitchen floor; my winter boots in the melting snow; my chunky Dansko shoes I wear to work; and my jacuzzi tub photo from last week.

It's been great to explore my creativity on stage (an experience that changed me in ways I can't even explain), but when I picked up my camera today, it felt so comfortable and homey. I fiddled with all the dials and knobs and switches, and couldn't have been happier. It was second nature.

Anyway, Susannah's class isn't a photography course. It's a way of re-discovering and opening yourself up through photography and writing. We've been assigned writing exercises, some of which I will share here, and some that I won't. We'll see how personal and raw things get!

I feel like the worst is over. These past few months have taught me what I believe in, what my limits in a relationship are, and what my boundaries need to be. Today I was proud to feel like myself and not some sludgey pool of despair. Which is good, because sludge is never attractive.


me said...

i'm proud of you too. :-)

hey - next time you sign up for one of these courses, let me know -i'd love to join you!

healthy ashley said...

Holy cow that image collage is awesome! Please tell me you're going to have all four framed together like that?!

Anonymous said...

Sludge is never attractive... indeed. I'm glad you're coming out of it. :o)

Miss you!

Schmoops said...

i am taking her course in may, i can't wait! i LOVE that shot of your cute toes in the bathtub. that is gorgeous!