Wednesday, February 11, 2009

tired, grumpy, and stressed

tired and grumpy
Me at work, mere seconds ago.

Don't I look chipper? Today I am flying off to Arlington, VA, with my boss on business for three days. Yippee. I'd much rather stay home, get some sleep, clean my horrid house, go food shopping, and just get caught up on my life. I thought I'd have this week to do all the things that got pushed to the side in the flurry of rehearsals and never being home, but instead I've been working overtime, packing, running my dogs up to stay with my parents, and storming around in a funk. Good times.

I owe many people phone calls, e-mails, photos on CD, Rice Krispie care packages, and various other things I'll remember at some point. Please forgive my chaotic craziness and know that I have not forgotten you! Hopefully my life will fall back into some order next week.

That is all.


healthy ashley said...

Sorry about the poopy day! Good luck with the trip. Just keep thinking of the fun things you'll get to do when you get back!

Anonymous said...

you're darn tootin' you owe me all those things! don't think I'VE forgotten! and throw in some homemade chocolate chip cookies while you are at it. i would say a massage too, but then again, i've had one of yours. :-)