Saturday, February 7, 2009

snapshots of the weekend

moon over my house
Moon over my house, opening night.

Our opening weekend went great! I had so much fun.

me, leaving for opening night
Leaving for the theater.

driving to the theater
Almost there.

at the theater
Arriving at the theater.

Our theater group had been in a fabulous space for over 35 years - big stage and backstage, lots of storage, decorated all quirky, bright, and fun. Two years ago we had to leave it because the ceiling was falling in - literally. The entire costume/prop room caved in from the water damage that the landlord just wouldn't fix, and other areas were constantly leaking and sagging. It was unhealthy and embarrassing, so we've been temporarily performing in a church. Next year we will have our very own place once again. Yay!

two hours before curtain
Volunteers set up the tables with candles and free popcorn.

running lines
"Carl" and "Dad" run a scene.

"mrs. enquist"
"Mrs. Enquist" looks over the list of shows the group has done since 1969.

"jerry" gets his makeup on
"Jerry" gets his eyebrows darkened.

another view of set
Side view of the stage.

trying to relax
Trying to work out last minute jitters.

flurry of activity
"Backstage" (the church's kitchen), moments before the curtain opens.

running lines
"Jill" and "Michael" doing . . . something.

props lady
Our props lady takes a break.

"mom" and "mrs. enquist"
"Mom" and "Mrs. Enquist".

me, with big "stacy" bangs!

Me ("Stacy") in the prop/paint room, in costume and makeup. I have huge rolled bangs,
two braids on each side of my head that join in the back, and big, baggy clothing.

It was fun, it was a rush, and it all went by in a blur. I tried to pretend that it was just another rehearsal, and that the only people watching were the directors and random members of the crew. But that wasn't the case; opening night we had almost 80 people in the audience, and Saturday night we were sold out at over 100. I was amazed that I wasn't nervous. Then that made me nervous, thinking that I should be nervous. I kept repeating my mantra "nothing is as scary as Lyme disease". And you know what? Nothing ever is.

Here is what the show looks like. These photos were taken during dress rehearsal.

the set
The set - the Lundeen family living room and porch.

dinner scene
The Thanksgiving dinner scene.

cast photo
The cast.

Tomorrow (Sunday) we are doing a special fundraising matinee for a huge group of men wearing kilts. I wonder if any of them are single . . .

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Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you!

We'll try to come up but, if we can't, that just means you'll have to audition again and get cast for another show. And we all know you're good enough to do it over and over again. :o)

We'll try our hardest!