Wednesday, February 25, 2009

snow dogs

Sophie, sticking her tongue out at me.

I haven't done a post about my dogs for awhile, and I'm sure you're all having horrible withdrawals. So here you go.

It's amazing how differently my furry creatures react to the snow. Sophie hates it. Hates it. Most of the time she stands there with this expression:


Sadie loves it - she'd stay out all day if she could. I'm pretty sure she has secret fantasies of being a sled dog. You know, if she weighed more than four pounds.

Here she is in action, running laps around the yard:


And smiling at me:


And pausing to catch her breath:


The entire time, Sophie was sitting on my boots and whining to go back inside. They just crack me up.


Anonymous said...

OMG! Sophie's look is priceless! priceless i tell you! and Sadie does look like she is smiling. whadda ya know - guess i did have withdrawals...

Megan said...

Too funny! Great post! What is holding me back from getting my own doggies???

Anonymous said...

I totally had withdrawals. :o)

Yay! Too cute. I still remember how they acted when I got all bride-ified at your house that day. Priceless!

Sophie is definitely a Momma's-girl!


Noelle said...

How stinkin cute! I got a good laugh and smile out of this blog :)