Sunday, February 1, 2009

the big reveal

I'm here! I really am! I've just been extremely busy with theater, work, and life that I'm hardly ever home. As proof, my Christmas tree was up until this morning and my laundry hasn't been done for two weeks.

Here's further proof of my existence: me at a retirement party I photographed on Thursday (work-related) with two co-workers (faces blurred so as to protect their identities). Don't I look just exhausted?


Apparently I can barely keep my eyes open.


Here's me, in a photo accidentally taken by another co-worker as I handed her my camera. Because we always spend our evenings hanging out by the men's room.


Anyway, I have BIG, EXCITING NEWS! Presenting . . .


Yes, it's official. I finally have my own photography website. Whoo-hooo! It took so much longer to put together
than I expected, and there are still things I want to tweak.

If you had photos taken by me and are clicking on the "client login" link, please know that this will be fully functional this week. I am still working out the details of pricing and Paypal, so hold tight. You'll receive a password by e-mail when it's good to go.

This website will speed up my workflow in a huge way. The biggest obstacle for me has been finding a way to post proofs for people to view in a timely manner. Now, at the same time they look at their session, they can order prints right away. Fun for everyone!


Oh, and you'll notice that I am calling my photography website "limelight" instead of "lymelight". I figured that naming my business after a dehabilitating disease was not quite the feel I wanted. But never fear! Different spelling; same lymie freshness!

So click here or on the logo above and go check it out. Let me know what you think!


djh said...

the pic of you by the men's room is hilariuos.

Anonymous said...

HOORAY! I'm so glad the site is up! Keep us posted on how it's coming along! :o)

And I'm glad you named it Limelight rather than Lymelight. I totally get why.

Miss you!

Debbieorah said...

Lisa!!!! Rock on with your bad self!!! I can't wait to see the show! And the photography site looks great!!!

Congrats congrats!!!


Debbieorah said...
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Debbieorah said...
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