Monday, March 23, 2009

buffalo chicken salad


I've been all healthy lately - counting my Weight Watcher's points, doing time on the treadmill, and generally becoming annoyingly wholesome. Chicken works for me, because I can eat a lot of it for relatively low points, and I can eat it in fun and exciting salad form.

I love Buffalo wings. I mean, who doesn't? The spicy sauce, the sharp bite of blue cheese, the crunch of celery to cool it all off. Of course, the chicken is best when it's breaded and deep fried, but that won't fit me into The Dress. So I made my own point-friendly version.

Lisa's Buffalo Chicken Salad
Serves: one
Points: 9 (but tweak to your liking)

6 oz. grilled/baked/broiled chicken (I used Butterball pre-cooked chicken because I'm lazy)
1/4 - 1/2 c. celery
2 T. Hellmann's Light mayonnaise
3 T. crumbled blue cheese
2 - 3 T. chicken wing sauce

Chop the chicken into small pieces, then put it in a bowl and add the rest of the ingredients.


Mix away. You can add more or less chicken wing sauce (my brand has 0 points), use fat free mayonnaise instead of light, and adjust the amount of blue cheese to your liking. Just keep stirring and tasting until you're happy.

And there you go! Quick and easy, ready to take to work. You can eat it straight from the bowl, or eat it in sandwich form on bread, or in a wrap, or in a pita. Go nuts.

chicken salad

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dj said...

me. i don't like buffalo wings. then again, i don't hate them either. they're just not something i ever order. it's the blue cheese - yuck. now if you could make this tasty treat for me say with a different type of cheese, i'm all game for trying it. :-)