Friday, March 20, 2009

photo friday

I love this photo so much that I enlarged it to 11 x 17 and am framing it to hang on my wall. This is my great-grandma (on my mom's side) and her three brothers and one sister hanging out on the family farm, less than a mile from where I grew up. I estimate it was taken around 1918 or so.

My great-grandma (who appeared in last week's photos) is the one in back with the bonnet on. Her sister is on the lower right - and you know what? She's still alive! Her 101st birthday is in May. Although she needs a scooter to get around, she's still sharp as a tack, funny, and blunt, and enjoys every day she has. I would love to make it to 100 if I could be just like her.

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Anonymous said...

That is awesome!!! What a wonderful family heirloom.

And how incredible is it that her sister is still alive and feisty? :o)