Friday, March 13, 2009

photo friday


Whew! After the heaviness of the last post, I decided to end the week with happier photos. Above is one of my favorites - from left to right: my great-great-grandpa, my great-great-grandma, my grandma (the toddler), my great-grandma, my great-grandpa. The rest of the people I don't know, but they are listed as Cordy, Harry, Ida, and Helen (the little girl).

great-grandparents, grandma

In the left photo are my great-grandparents with my grandma. I never knew my great-grandpa (he died in 1965), but I was extremely close to my great-grandma (she died in 1985) as well as my grandma (who died in 2005). I love the photo of my grandma on the right, looking like a little lady with her legs crossed and hands folded. This one says "June 21, 1929, age 3 years, 4 months."


Here's my grandma on a pile of snow in 1940. On the right photo, it says "July 18, 1936. Ring, age 12 (the dog), Arlene age 10."

grandma in prom dress
Going through the photos of my grandma in her late teens, I began to wonder if she always wore dainty frocks, had perfectly curled hair, and wore lipstick while she worked on the farm. Then I realized that she must have had her mom take these photos so she could send them to my grandpa, who was overseas in World War II - so of course she wanted to look her best! This was taken in June, 1943.
grandma again

See? Here she is again in 1943 with a curly updo and dark lips, hanging out in the yard. I just love these "glamour" shots of her, all gussied up for her man!


donna jean said...

absolutely fabulous! i love these photos. and man, can i see both you and hope in the little girl sitting on the bench with her legs crossed. i think you and i need to get gussied up and go take some black and white photos out in nature to look back on in 40 years. :-)

Anonymous said...

Okay, so your grandma looks so much like your niece Katie it's ridiculous.

And you, my dear, look just like your great-grandma.

I agree with Donna. We should have a B & W photo party! Wouldn't that be fun?