Tuesday, September 9, 2008

decisions, decisions

Barn built by my great-grandpa, on our family property where I grew up.

This is my most stressful time of the year at work. We're getting ready for the big annual expo/trade show, which means there are a bazillion graphics, lightbox panels, flyers, brochures, mousepad designs, signs, banners, t-shirt designs, and whatever else happens to come my way. Changes, confusion, deadlines being pushed to the max and then pushed some more. Today, pretty much nothing went my way, and at one point I was so frustrated I actually laid my head on the desk for a few minutes to get myself together, moaning silently in agony.

A day like today would normally send me screaming straight to Taco Bell, to numb my feelings with crispy meaty goodness and blobs of sour cream to warm my heart like a big, greasy hug. But this is the New and Improved Lisa, and that girl does not troll the drive-thru anymore. Though she does have many fine memories of midnight Big Mac runs in her pajamas.

I didn't feel like shopping, but I couldn't just go home and figure out what to eat when I got there. This would be dangerous territory, possibly involving overflowing plates of spaghetti and mounds of powdery parmesan cheese. I was running low on supplies - no fruit left, no lettuce, not even my beloved zucchini.

So I went to Westborn and stocked back up. Plums, more zucchini, cauliflower, a canteloupe, three big containers of mixed leaf lettuce, avocados, cottage cheese, mandarin oranges, and more. My favorite purchase was a bag of fresh green beans, grown locally. I came home, cut off the ends, boiled them, and ate them as my pre-dinner with a bit of butter. All of them. They were so fresh and good.

One day at a time, one decision at a time.

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Anonymous said...

Lisa, you are SUCH an example. Your hope in a better tomorrow is helping you make these wonderful choices. I keep reading because I think I am learning from you how to grab and keep hope.