Thursday, September 11, 2008

gate crasher

new clothes!
Sometimes I like to hang my new clothes on the fence and take photos of them as the sun sets.

When I finally got home after working late and running errands, I was greeted with a package of NEW CLOTHES from Old Navy. I had never ordered from them before, so I didn't know what to expect. I opened everything very carefully in case I had to send something back. But I don't. Everything fit! And not only that, I love it all.

I've been going through my fall/winter clothes and deciding what to keep and what to donate. When I got done, 98% of my clothes were in the "donate" pile. Obviously, I haven't put a lot of thought into fashion in the past four years. When I was sick, my goal was to not leave the house naked. Shopping consisted of dashing into a store, buying whatever fit and wasn't hideous, and leaving. When I started putting on pounds, I cared even less about what I was wearing, telling myself I'd start dressing better once I lost weight. This, from someone who was an absolute clothes horse when I lived in Manhattan, always shopping, always wearing something new and cute. How did I turn into this frumpy girl?

Therefore: clothes that are unflattering and make me feel like crap? Leaving.

So that was a happy part of my day, as well as my big platter of raw cauliflower with light dip.

But there were other little annoying things that happened. Such as swinging the side gate open and having the entire thing fall off. It's heavy, so it came crashing down on my legs. The culprit is a broken . . . um . . . clamp thingee. How does a huge, thick metal part crack like that? A trip to Home Depot is in order. I don't even know what I'm looking for. Do I tell the worker that I cracked my thingee? Perhaps I should take a photo with me.

broken fence!
Broken fence and the cracked thingee. Note Sophie & Sadie peering through the lattice doggie fence.

So I propped the fence against my house and went in. I had bought a replacement Brita filter for my tap, so I took the old one off. I must have gotten distracted with something else, went back, turned the water on to get a drink, and water came SHOOTING straight up and out of the filter-less tap. Like a moron, I put my hands up to block it and only managed to deflect the spray all over the window, counter, floor, and me. Nice.

Here are photos of the dogs, showing off their tiny-ness. Just because they make me smile. And now I'm going to bed.



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