Thursday, September 18, 2008

pink ladies

So today pretty much blew, except for the past few hours I was able to salvage. Briefly, I had a run-in with someone this morning before I'd even had sufficient amounts of coffee, and ended up feeling hurt, angry, and attacked. I just couldn't let it go, and it kept looping through my head like a video on repeat. I walked around the whole day in a gloomy fog. I allowed this person to ruin my day. How stupid is that? What a waste of energy.

Enough was enough. I came home, opened up iTunes, and blasted this song:

Then this one:

Really loud.


And I was feeling so much better that I decided to put wigs on my dogs.

pink sadie!

pink sophie!


Anonymous said...

hahahaha, just thought i check your blog before bed....i love the wigs :-) sorry you had a bad day though.



Megan said...

so i'm sitting here at my desk thinking 'where can i surf online to shake off my rocky morning'...and poof, pink wigs. you helped more than 1 bad day :)

Noelle said... and pink wigs help anyone. I do that all the time. Lol. I'm glad I looked at your page. I'm having a bad night with my health and this made me smile. Thanks. I hope you're health is doing ok.


rebekka said...

Oh my gosh, you have the cutest dog ever!!!!!!

ashley said...

Hi! I found your blog through BISJ and am loving it! The pictures are the best!

Marian said...

You crack me right up. HI-larious.
I am right with you on this lifestyle change..I'm getting there too. Kudos to you. Let's go hiking one day okay? Before all the colors go bye bye.
Love ya babe...